Vin’s Reviews of the Best Treadmills and Exercise Machines

Friday , 23, December 2016 Comments Off on Vin’s Reviews of the Best Treadmills and Exercise Machines

We all know that we should do all we can to be our healthiest.  Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly are key to not only looking our best, but to feeling our best and being as healthy as we can be.  Healthy bodies are better able to stave off illnesses and recover from injuries than less healthy bodies.  People who stay in better shape have more energy, sleep better, and have fewer aches and pains than those who keep putting off a healthier lifestyle.  If you’ve resolved to get yourself in better shape and are considering a treadmill or stationary bike for use at home, you might be wondering where to start.  There are so many different models available that choosing one that will work for you and keep you motivated may seem impossible.  Understanding what to look for in relation to your goals and current state of health is a good start.

Treadmills have been around for over a century and continue to evolve.  In a nutshell, a conveyor belt travels around a moving platform at a user-designated speed or, in the case of manual treadmills, at the speed of the user’s walking or running pace.  Though most treadmills are still built with only one belt, there are some newer (usually high-end) models with two separate belts.  One of the biggest advantages treadmills possess is the ability to allow the user to maintain his or her natural walking, jogging, or running stride and gait.


For the past several years, more treadmill have become equipped with the ability to offer users the added benefit of variable incline settings in addition to variable speed settings.  Working at different incline levels is a great way to target different muscle groups with different intensity levels.  Switching things up is also a good way to help you keep your mind engaged.  For help finding the best incline treadmill for you, this site reviews several models for walking and running, with pros and cons of each.  Treadmill design is fairly universal, but if you are very tall or plan to use your treadmill for running, make sure to look for a model with a long enough belt to let you use your normal stride.


Since treadmills do cause impact on the joints of the lower body, users with knee, hip, or back issues might prefer a recumbent bike, which still gives you an excellent workout, but in a low-impact manner that allows you to sit while exercising.  If you have lower back issues, be sure to look for one that offers a supportive seat.  Recumbent bikes allow you to sit in a reclining-type position while you pedal.  Most of today’s models allow you to choose from a number of different resistant levels to make your workout even more effective.  The recumbent position also makes these bicycles ideal for pedaling while you read a book or watch television.  If you’re interested in finding a great recumbent bicycle, go here for reviews, including pros and cons, of a few top contenders.  

It’s easy these days to find both treadmill and recumbent bicycle models that track heart rate, distance travelled, and calories burned.  When it comes to calorie calculations, keep in mind that no machine can give you an exact number since that number depends on several factors including, age, gender, weight, conditioning, and resting metabolism.  This doesn’t mean that you should completely discount the number you’re given, just know that it won’t ever be exact.


If your space is limited, finding room for a new exerciser can be tough.  Many treadmills are designed to be folded and put away when not in use.  If you look at such models, make sure you’re comfortable handling the weight of the machine.  Recumbent bikes can’t usually be stored readily, but some do have smaller footprints than others and may be light enough to slide into a corner if necessary.


Visit Home Fitness Intel for comparisons of some top-reviewed treadmills for walking and running.  These reviews even include some of the potential downsides (as reported by owners) to these models to help you feel more comfortable about making a decision.